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BOLON Fluid Control (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. focuses on producing 2205 (4A) valves, 2507 (5A) valves, CN7M valves, CD4MCu valves, 254Mo valves, 2520 (310S) valves, 904L valves, TA2, TA10 titanium alloy valves, 702 zirconium alloy valves, N6 pure nickel valves, N08810, N08825, N06600, N06625 series nickel based alloy valves, HC276, HC22, HB series hastelloy valves, M400, M500 series Monel alloy valves, C95800 series copper alloy valves and other special material valves.

Extensive Product Range

Expertise in Industrial Automation

Superior Manufacturing Capabilities

BOLON Fluid Control (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

Focus on industrial valve and actuator design and manufacture

BOLON Fluid Control (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a leading and experienced valve manufacturer in the industry. The independently produced valves include ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, etc. Multiple product sizes, pressure levels and valve body materials are available for selection based on working conditions, media, and customer needs. Our flagship products are metal hard sealed ball valves and pure metal bidirectional pressure hard sealed butterfly valves that maintain long service life and zero leakage filtration under harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, and multiple impurities, as well as various valves made of corrosion-resistant special high alloy materials.

BOLON provides valves to various industries worldwide, including power, oil&gas, refining, petrochemical, mining, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and aviation. All products are designed, manufactured, and installed

Focus on industrial valve and actuator design and manufacture
Focus on industrial valve and actuator design and manufacture2
BOLON enjoys a high reputation in the industry for its excellent quality and reliable performance of products, and continuously improves and enhances service quality and technical support levels. BOLON has always served its customers with its dedicated attitude and professional technology, and has always adhered to fulfilling its commitments to customers. BOLON provides you with reliable, economical, and efficient valve solutions. We are committed to and hope to work with you to establish a long-term partnership in our future development.
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BOLON’s corporate culture is built around serving customers with enthusiasm and actively giving back to society.

Sincere, high-quality, and efficient treatment of every customer, creating greater value for them. We have always emphasized serving customers with the highest quality to avoid leakage issues during the use of our products, which will not only cause financial losses to customers.

Any enterprise exists in society and is a social enterprise. Therefore, corporate social responsibility is a necessary component of entrepreneurial spirit. This is something we need to keep in mind all the time.

BOLON’s employees are full of work enthusiasm and have established a progressive corporate culture. Unite around a common cause, unite the team, and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Create a culture full of passion. The mission of a company goes far beyond revenue. Our corporate mission and hiring like-minded individuals will enhance the importance of your work and cultivate a self-sustaining culture of success.

Employee Trainning

Any employee who works at BOLON has the opportunity to receive specialized pre employment and on-the-job training and learning. In BOLON’s training system, the focus is on pre employment training and assessment for new employees, as well as improvement training for old employees.

Companies can conduct on-site training through group meetings or one-on-one coaching based on the needs of the organization and the complexity of employee roles or training needs. On site training courses are valuable as they allow employees to interact with trainers and raise questions related to training materials. Specialized training experts, consultants, or employees who are working in BOLON, serve as subject matter experts usually host on-site training courses.

The following are the training topics that frequently held by our BOLON:

Compliance training, workplace safety training, business operation safety training, relevant legal and policy training, team business management training, product professional knowledge training, etc..

Welcome all knowledgeable individuals, including overseas students, to join the BOLON family!

 Employee Trainning1
 Employee Trainning2

Welcome cooperation

Our products and services have always been recognized by customers.  Our customers include valve repair agencies, domestic and foreign valve manufacturers, domestic and foreign distribution agents, and domestic and foreign engineering end users.  Most customers have signed a Non-disclosure agreement with us, which cannot be disclosed.  Thank you for your understanding!

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