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API 602 Forged B381 Gr. F-2 Titanium Globe Valve

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API 602 Forged B381 Gr. F-2 Titanium Globe Valve

Forged titanium valve is a valve made of forged titanium metal material (B381 Gr. F-2). Titanium oxide films have good stability and self passivation ability in highly corrosive environments, which can resist strong corrosion under various harsh working conditions.

    Titanium is the main material of titanium alloy valves. It is a highly chemically active metal. It exhibits particularly excellent corrosion resistance to many corrosive media. Titanium and oxygen easily form a strong and dense passive oxide film on their surface. In many harsh corrosive media, this layer of oxide film is very stable and difficult to dissolve. Even if it is damaged, as long as there is sufficient oxygen, it can repair itself and quickly regenerate.

    The titanium metal material of titanium valves has good stability and self passivation ability when oxidized into thin films in highly corrosive environments. Its characteristic can resist strong corrosion under various harsh working conditions. Titanium valves rely on the chemical stability of the passive oxide film on their surface in corrosive media to resist corrosion in the working environment. For neutral, oxidizing, and weakly reducing media environments, the passive oxide film itself has good stability. For reducing corrosive media with high temperatures or low pH values, in order to improve the stability of their passive oxide film, corrosion inhibitors such as air, water, heavy metal ions, and anions can be added, and surface ion modification and anodizing treatment can be used to improve the corrosion resistance and surface hardness of titanium in reducing media.


    Diameter: 1/2" to 2" ( from DN15mm to DN50mm)
    Pressure: 150LB-2500LB (PN16-PN420)
    Connection method: flanged end, threaded end, welded end.
    Drive mode: manual, pneumatic, electric, etc.
    Applicable temperature: -40 ℃~550℃


    Design specifications: API602
    Structural length: factory specifications
    Socket/thread: ANSI B16.11/B2.1
    Testing and Inspection: API598

    Additional Features

    Forged B381 Gr. F-2 globe valve is a commonly used high-pressure valve, mainly used to control the opening or closing of fluid and regulate the flow size of fluid. It is made of forged steel and has high strength and corrosion resistance. The main characteristics of forged steel globe valves include:

    1. Simple structure: The forged steel globe valve has a relatively simple structure, consisting of a valve body, valve cover, valve stem, valve seat, etc., which is easy to install and maintain.

    2. Good sealing performance: Forged steel globe valves adopt a metal to metal sealing structure, which has good sealing performance and can effectively prevent fluid leakage.

    3. High temperature and high pressure resistance: Due to the use of forged steel, forged steel globe valves can withstand higher temperatures and pressures, making them suitable for high temperature and high pressure working conditions.

    4. Low fluid resistance: The internal flow channel design of the forged steel globe valve is reasonable, and the resistance of the fluid when passing through the valve is small, which can ensure the smooth flow of the fluid.

    5. Long service life: Forged steel globe valves have high corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, and can be used for a long time in harsh working environments.

    6. The main grades of titanium materials are B381 Gr. F-2, B381 Gr. F-3, B381 Gr. F-5, B381 Gr. F-7, B381 Gr. F-12, etc.

    Materials of Main Components

    B381 Gr. F-2 Titanium Globe Valve
    NO. Part Name Material
    1 Body B381 Gr.F-2
    2 Disc B381 Gr.F-2
    3 Stem B381 Gr.F-2
    4 Gasket Titanium+Graphite
    5 Bonnet B381 Gr.F-2
    6 Hex.bolt A193 B8M
    7 Packing Graphite/PTFE
    8 Gland Bushing B381 Gr.F-2
    9 Gland Flange B381 Gr.F-2
    10 Gland Nut A194 8M
    11 Gland Eyebolt A193 B8M
    12 Yoke Nut A194 8M
    13 Handwheel A197
    14 Washer S.S


    Titanium and titanium alloys have outstanding advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and good pressure resistance. They are widely used in industries such as aviation, aerospace development, marine engineering, petroleum, chemical, light industry, food processing, metallurgy, electricity, medicine and health, and instrumentation. Titanium also has excellent resistance to seawater corrosion and erosion, and is widely used in ships, coastal power plants, and seawater desalination.