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High Alloy Incoloy 800 Triple Offset Metal Butterfly Valve

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High Alloy Incoloy 800 Triple Offset Metal Butterfly Valve

Triple offset butterfly valve has 3 offset. This triple offset also has the same offset except it has one additional offset which is a conical shape seat. This design will make the seat has no friction while closing or opening and lifetime of this design will be much longer than a double-offset butterfly valve.

    The TRIPLE OFFSET design of the TRIPLE OFFSET butterfly valve has the characteristics of sturdy structure, zero leakage closing capacity, low operating torque, and actual zero sealing surface wear. The sealing structure of triple eccentric butterfly valves usually includes multi-level sealing rings, U-shaped elastic sealing rings, and pure metal to metal seat sealing ring designs, which enable the valve to operate under various harsh working media, working pressure, and working temperature conditions.

    The configuration of multi-level metal hard seal butterfly valve design can resist the corrosion of various chemical solvents, especially suitable for pipeline transportation control of particle slurry and chemical media. There are rubber flanges at both ends of the hose, which do not require additional gaskets when connecting the valve to the pipeline. The valve channel and control medium space are completely isolated, without inside and outside. By flowing fluid in the elastic hose, the crystallization of the fluid can be eliminated, If the rubber sleeve of a multi-level hard sealed butterfly valve design is found to be damaged, its structure can achieve rapid replacement and maintenance of the rubber sleeve. The multi-level hard sealed butterfly valve is designed scientifically, with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can withstand various medium concentration acids and alkaline salt solutions of any concentration, such as pulp, dry and wet powders, and crystals. Different media are equipped with hoses with different rubber formulas, which can meet the production needs of users. When using multi-level hard sealed butterfly valves at low temperatures, please use a dryer to handle the dry air. When piping, thoroughly remove impurities, debris, etc. from the piping and joints. The structure is novel and simple


    - Size from 1 1/2” to 24” ( DN40mm to DN600mm).
    - Pressure ratings from Class 150LB to 600LB ( PN10 to PN100).
    - Double flange, Lugged, wafer and but-welded end.
    - Sealing ring can be multilayer metal with graphite, elastic seat ring, full metal.
    - Driver selection can be bare stem with ISO5211 top flange for your actuators.
    - Common materials and special high alloy materials are available.


    Design Standard: ANSI B16.34
    Pressure & Temperature Standard: ASME B16.34
    Flange Diameter Standard: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, BS EN 1092
    Face-to-face Standard: API 609, MSS SP-68, ISO 5752, BS EN 558
    Pressure Test Standard: API 598

    Additional Features

    • Bi-directional, zero leak sealing capability
    • Friction free
    • Low operating torque
    • Stainless steel + graphite laminated seal ring for mild severe service
    • Solid stainless steel + hard face seal ring for very severe service
    • Anti blowout stem
    • ISO 5211 Top Flange

    Materials of Main Components

    Part Name



    A351 CT15C


    A351 CT15C


    B408 N08800

    Sealing Ring

    Incoloy + PTFE




    A193 B8M


    A194 8M


    Hard sealed butterfly valves have a wide range of applications in fluid control fields such as liquids and gases:

    1. Petroleum and natural gas industry: Hard sealed butterfly valves can be used for fluid control and regulation in oil and gas transmission pipelines, such as crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products, etc.

    2. Chemical industry: Hard sealed butterfly valves are suitable for fluid control in chemical processes, such as acid-base solutions, corrosive media, high-temperature and high-pressure media, etc.

    3. Electric power industry: Hard sealed butterfly valves can be used in water treatment systems, cooling water systems, water supply and drainage systems, etc. of power stations.

    4. Steel and metallurgical industry: Hard sealed butterfly valves are suitable for fluid control in steel and metallurgical processes, such as ore slurry, coal slurry, high-temperature and high-pressure gases, etc.

    5. Wastewater treatment industry: Hard sealed butterfly valves can be used for inlet and outlet pipelines, sludge treatment systems, etc. in wastewater treatment plants.

    6. Construction and municipal engineering: Hard sealed butterfly valves are suitable for water supply, drainage, fire protection systems, etc. in construction and municipal engineering.